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How to Get Free Network and Local TV Streamed to Your Devices

TV It has not been easy to watch all the local and network TV channels on your cellphone, tablet, or computer...until now. A nonprofit company called Locast is going city to city installing antennae and then transmitting the over-the-air signals online for free. It is already in Houston, Chicago, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Dallas and Denver. Keep in mind that video is a data hog and could easily use up your monthly allotment if you don't have unlimited data service on your cellphone.

The Secret World of Amazon's Power Reviewers

Amazon Many consumers rely on product reviews from real purchasers when deciding among various products. And some look to "power reviewers" [ primary link, and alternate link ] and their prolific commentary on goods. See how they get to be power reviewers via Amazon Vine and get all kinds of goods for free.



Hot Water Heaters: Tank or Tankless?

Tankless water heater If you have ever had a conventional hot water heater flood your home, you might want to consider a tankless one. There are pros and cons for sure. On the negative side, it is more expensive to buy, and there is a much longer wait time for hot water to reach the tap. On the other hand, you are not paying to heat your water 24 hours a day as with a conventional tank -- it only runs when you turn on the hot water. And there is no tank to flood.

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Mouse Print* -- Is Canada Dry Ginger Ale Made With “Real Ginger”?

mouse print Canada Dry ginger ale proclaims on the front label that it is made with "real ginger." Oh really? Several consumer lawyers decided to have the product tested. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Dove Men's Antiperspirant Spray - $14.99 for 6

Get six five-ounce cans of Dove Men+Care antiperspirant/deodorant for only $14.99 with free shipping. Believe it or not, CVS charges $8.59 per 3.8 oz can. The deal spray cans are 25% larger and are only $2.50 each. Use coupon code DEALNEWS to reduce the $16.99 price to $14.99.

Dozen Roses - $12.89

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Aldi (limited assortment supermarkets) has a dozen short stem roses for just $12.89. Some supermarket and drug chains as well as Target are offering deals on a dozen roses for as low as $19.99.

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Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports to Dyson: Stick It!

Consumer Reports is removing all Dyson models from its list of recommended stick vacuums because consumers can't count on them to last. The magazine has now ranked them at the bottom of the brand reliability list.

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