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LendEDU compiled a list of 50 products and analyzed which retailer -- Amazon or Walmart -- saves you more money. The product list was split into five different categories: Home Goods, Kitchen/Home Appliances, Technology and Entertainment, Food & Beverages, and Miscellaneous Items. One seller dominated four of the five categories. Can you guess the low price winner?

Top-Rated Bargain Frying Pan

frying pan Consumer Reports tested "cheap" 10-inch frying pans and found three with excellent, durable nonstick coatings. The cheapie in the group is only $14.98 at Sam's Club. It uses a multi-layer of Eclipse, one of the best nonsticks on the market.


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See the Super Bowl Ads Again

Many people watch the Super Bowl more for the ads than for the game itself. In case you missed some of the commercials, or just want to see them again, here is where you can do it: site 1, site 2, and site 3.

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Mouse Print* -- The Case of the Missing Pasta Sauce

mouse print One of our faithful readers got quite a surprise when she opened the four pint containers of pasta sauce that she bought from her local Olive Garden. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Acronis Ransomware Protection for Windows

Acronis, better known for backup software, is offering Acronis Ransomware Protection for free along with five gigs of free cloud backup space. You can use this software in combination with most other antivirus/anti-malware programs to help prevent hackers from holding your computer hostage by locking all your files and demanding money to unlock them. Here is a review of the software from PC magazine.

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Study: Fish Oil Capsules Don't Prevent Heart Attacks

That's the conclusion of an extensive analysis just published in JAMA Cardiology, which found no evidence to support the use of these supplements for heart health. The study was based on data from nearly 78,000 people worldwide.

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